Al Imtiaz LogoAl Imtiaz Academy

Founded in 1986 by Imtiaz Nawaz, the Al-Imtiaz Academy is a school located in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Encompassing three campuses (junior school / girls high school / boys high school) the academy  accommodates approximately 1000 students.

Our school’s motto is “Aim High” and we strive to create future leaders.  The words Al-Imtiaz come from Arabic, meaning “The Distinguished”, “The Honoured”, and “The Excellent”.

Al Imtiaz Academy emphasizes the development of “whole” students who are mentally, physically, socially and spiritually dynamic.  We nurture creativity and problem solving skills, analytical and critical thinking skills, effective communication skills, collaborative working skills, self confidence, self-direction, life-long learning, social activism and leadership potential.

Al Imtiaz Academy is a no profit/no loss educational initiative, supported primarily through tuition fees and a family managed trust fund.  Tuition fees of approximately half the student body are subsidized through the trust fund, as are the post secondary educational fees for selected top female students.

junior school

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