2015-11-03 00.14.48.jpgWomen and Girls

Our school emphasizes serving women and girls.  The majority of staff and faculty are women.  This helps create a comfortable environment for our girls.  Furthermore, the school contributes to promoting the well being of working women.  Many women within our school community are widows and receive financial assistance in educating their children. 

The girls section extends to college, offering opportunities for graduating matriculates to continue higher education.  The school provides a scholarship to girls with an outstanding academic record to help with their post secondary education.  Previous scholarship recipients have gone to study architecture, environmental science, and medicine.

Middle and Low-Income Families

As part of its mission to serve marginalized children, the school focuses on children excluded from educational opportunities.  Al-Imtiaz caps its tuition and school charges based upon local market conditions and provides financial assistance to students demonstrating academic merit and need.

Support staff at Al Imtiaz Academy